Friday, November 21, 2008


I am thankful for the wonderful guy that I ended up being lucky enough to share forever with!

I find him quite good-looking, but that's secondary. Look at that face! :)

What really amazes me is his heart. How he always does the right thing. In a heartbeat, how it needs to be done. I remember once I saw something across our old apartment complex (now this is across the pond) at the window, kind of hanging out, and mentioned it, wondering what it could be, and in a flash he'd jumped out of his chair and was at the apartment opposite. It was a child. I mean, of course, most of us would go to help, but where I was do-do-do, what is that, is that a kid??? What the hell, he was out, and booking it across to the other window, without a thought, and fast. I'll always remember that.

He's always there for me, too. It was never a question of if he would come with me to anything. If I wanted him to, of course he would. (Except the ballet. I don't think he'll go with me to that anytime soon, which is silly, but I guess I can live with that. :)) And he's always been super supportive of my writing, and believed in me, sure I would get there, be published, be successful.

He's always willing to help me out. :) (This was at our old apartment, where he didn't even live, and still, look at him go! :))

He joins me in my cutesy, believe-in-the-magic world, and even adopts some of its terminology with me, at times. :)
He carries me when my 4 inch shoes hurt.
He loves me for the big wonderful mess I am.
He eats whatever I want to make for dinner, or is happy with his peanut butter sandwich.
He loves Christmas!!
He believes in family and forever.

And I am so lucky.


I'm going to steal an idea from Stephanie here, and attempt to do a daily blog (something I've never done before!) leading up to Thanksgiving focusing on what I'm thankful for. I usually make these lists, but I want to focus on just one thing each time. :)

I'm thankful for my sense of questioning myself. Now this is something that sometimes I am not thankful for, because along with it goes a lot of over-analyzing at times, and sometimes anxiety and other not so peaceful things, but I've realized also that it gives me a lot of potential for growth toward the person I want to become.

I still want to balance this a bit more. :) But I am grateful for it in a way. A weird way. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

a few of my favorite things~

new couches with pretty new pillows

people caring more about food being sustainable and humane

our beautiful hutch from Zach's grandma

walking at night with the dogs, seeing a view of the city lights

Zach and I sometimes looking like we're fifteen years old

Christmas time coming

grounding my soul in love, joy, peace, and thankfulness

my new tradition of yum yum oatmeal for breakfast

cuddling with cats

chopping vegetables with Zach

writing cute poems to pass the time at work

thinking about yoga! (doing it regularly is the next step.... :))

going to look at some fun art for the walls tonight

Love as a Way of Life by Gary Chapman


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What are you excited for in 2009?

I am excited to see what an Obama presidency holds, and I wish him all the best for an effective administration.

I am excited to build a home with my new husband, Zach, full of warmth and cozy comfort, and most of all, love.

I am excited to grow my repertoire of recipes, eat them, photograph them, and share them (when I feel the inclination)!

I am excited to finish my YA fantasy novel, Clara von Silversweet and the Spinning of a Spell, and start submitting it to agents!

I am excited to pursue a slower, more sustainable food tradition within our family, and with like-minded friends. (I'm excited to start using the phrase, "our family," not just referring to who I grew up with!)

I am excited to get back to school and finish up that degree.

I am excited to continue volunteering at the library, and soak up the atmosphere laden with one of my very favorite things, books.

I am excited to spend more time with my family, especially my sister.

I am excited to live my life focusing on attention to the moment, and being present, and centering on love, joy, and peace of spirit.

I am excited to start going back to church, and embracing my odd combination of eastern inclinations fused with my Catholic roots.

I am excited for my first married Christmas with my new, expanded, improved family, being married to Zach! (I know that's 08, but still...)

And that's what I've got for now. :)

Oh, and I'm excited I found NPR News on the radio! :)

Oh my gosh, I just got an email- I'm so excited Proposition 2 passed in California!! Thank you to anyone who voted for it!