Friday, November 21, 2008


I am thankful for the wonderful guy that I ended up being lucky enough to share forever with!

I find him quite good-looking, but that's secondary. Look at that face! :)

What really amazes me is his heart. How he always does the right thing. In a heartbeat, how it needs to be done. I remember once I saw something across our old apartment complex (now this is across the pond) at the window, kind of hanging out, and mentioned it, wondering what it could be, and in a flash he'd jumped out of his chair and was at the apartment opposite. It was a child. I mean, of course, most of us would go to help, but where I was do-do-do, what is that, is that a kid??? What the hell, he was out, and booking it across to the other window, without a thought, and fast. I'll always remember that.

He's always there for me, too. It was never a question of if he would come with me to anything. If I wanted him to, of course he would. (Except the ballet. I don't think he'll go with me to that anytime soon, which is silly, but I guess I can live with that. :)) And he's always been super supportive of my writing, and believed in me, sure I would get there, be published, be successful.

He's always willing to help me out. :) (This was at our old apartment, where he didn't even live, and still, look at him go! :))

He joins me in my cutesy, believe-in-the-magic world, and even adopts some of its terminology with me, at times. :)
He carries me when my 4 inch shoes hurt.
He loves me for the big wonderful mess I am.
He eats whatever I want to make for dinner, or is happy with his peanut butter sandwich.
He loves Christmas!!
He believes in family and forever.

And I am so lucky.

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  1. I teared up a bit as a read this one - he is lucky to have you, too. You compliment each other. :)