Monday, December 1, 2008

I write~

This is breakfast, yum! Please don't punish me, Type 2 Diabetes.

Today was the first day I wrote in my journal since we've moved- I just found it in a box the other day. I was browsing back through a few pages, and I found this list I'd made of why I write, and it was good to see again. The perfect note to start re-immersing myself in Clara von Silversweet and the Spinning of a Spell.

I write-
I write to thoughtfully crystallize my relationship with the world.
I write to try and surprise myself with my elucidation and literariness!
I write to make a living of a passion.
I write to influence others.
I write to feel more like myself.
I write to give my thoughts permanence.
I write because I enjoy it.
I write because I love creating fantasy.
I write because I read.
I write because I know that it's essential to my happiness.
I write because I love the romanticism of being a writer.
I write to communicate.
I write to connect.
I write because I like the flow of a pen on paper and the clack of my fingers on keys.
I write because it is perfect for me!

So now you'd think I'd be off to write, right? Actually, no. :) Today I'm dedicating myself to reading Three Cups of Tea, at least until I go be Volunteer Librarian Robin, a la this~

I am determined to have a book group book finished on time this month, for the first time! And of course I still didn't start the book until three days before, so I've got to spend some quality time with it today. But I will write later tonight. And now on to my book!

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