Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This makes me laugh.

I love to bake.
My dogs (ok, one in particular) loves to eat.

I spend hours looking at cookbooks, mixing up batter.
He spends hours plotting how to get to it, food, food, any beloved food.

Now I have a very small kitchen. And I'm doing some holiday baking. I need somewhere to store things until they can be wrapped up nicely.

So in the cupboards they go. On top of the fridge. Sometimes baking racks can be a bit dicey to keep even as I try not to scrape the top of my treats. But somehow I prevail, and deliciousness makes it out of the danger zone into our mouths or into the car to take to someone else.

Here we feature (beneath many layers of plastic wrap) peppermint double chocolate chip cookies bundled up on the left, and cranberry banana bread on the right. The recipe for cranberry banana bread soon to follow!

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