Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have concocted the most brilliant plan ever to establish routine in the areas of my life I am most craving it!

I thrive on routine. And I regularly don't have one.

For years, I've been trying to develop a yoga practice.

For years, I've been trying to establish a daily writing habit.

For years, (and on this I've been successful for a long period of time once) I've tried to cultivate healthy eating habits.

For about six months (ever since I've been married!), I've been trying without much effort to get up early when Zach does, so we can be on the same schedule and I want to go to bed at the same time he does!

So I decided a few days ago I was going to master a few of these things for just 10 days. And go from there. Get up with Zach around 6:30, do a yoga workout, get dressed, then write either 2,000 words or 2 hours. Also, eat only fruits, vegetables, whole grains, with one exception in the day.

All things I no longer wanted on hold! But I was considering, is it really smart or realistic to attempt so much all at once? Am I just setting myself up for disappointment? I knew that to realistically make progress in the direction I crave, I needed to cut it back. But I didn't want to cut any area out!

I'm so excited about the book I'm working on, and ready to finish and seek publication! I know the only thing holding me back is a lack of discipline in daily writing. With this, it will be so much easier to pick up where I left off. The momentum will carry me through. I'm in a writing group, and my writing life is growing. NOW is the time for me to come into the fullness of my writing potential.

I've been toying with yoga for years, aware of all the health and life benefits it showers down! But I do it once every month or two! Why? Because I'm kind of lazy, and don't often feel like doing a half hour workout!

I've been married for six months, going to bed sometimes with Zach and sometimes later. I don't like it. I want to go to bed with my husband EVERY NIGHT! (That I don't work, at least.) But to do that, I need to get up earlier.... And I want that to happen now too!

And in regards to food, ever since I added dairy back into my diet months ago, I've eaten so much crap, and my body is not responding well. I know that by the time I have children, I want my body to be the safest and healthiest environment for them, and also, my health hasn't been perfect lately. Food has SOO much to do with the state of your health, and there is no time like the present!!

So really, I didn't want to not work on any of these areas. I want all of them as part of a new routine, starting now.

I was talking with my friend Stephanie last night, and she said of her own yoga practice, that while she often does way more than I can imagine (she's an instructor), some nights she'll just do child's pose for 5 minutes. And while this should have been obvious, it prompted me to think, that is the answer!

I want to start developing a yoga practice now, but why not, instead of insisting on a 30 minute DVD or hour class, just ask of myself that I do some yoga? Some days I will do a full workout, and some I will do one or two poses for a few minutes, simply establishing the routine that it is a part of my daily life.

The same with writing. Why would I go from writing once every week or even two weeks to writing 2 hours a day? How about starting at expecting daily writing on my novel from myself Monday through Friday, but leave it at that. Let the habit develop, and some days will be a lot, some not very much. Once the habit is there, the production will soon soar!

And then with these two intentions softened, I can realistically focus on all four of these areas in my life: eating raw till dinner (my modified eating intention), getting up with Zach in the am, yoga, and writing.

And focus on doing these things every day as intended for 21 days, to start. The length of time it takes to establish a habit.

So this was the plan. And today.... oh, today.... I added the perfect little extra.

I've never been much of a girl for "rewards." I do what I want! So doing that, rewards hold no value, because I reward myself daily anyway. :) But lately, I actually have been holding back. From my favorite activity, no less! Being married, paying for a wedding, being responsible as a team with money..... it has seriously hampered my free for all book buying! :) I buy one every once in a while, but I feel kind of bad, because now it's our money. So! Besides being passionately devoted to the cultivation of these new habits, I am also offering myself a reward at the end of a perfect 21 routine forming days. A monthly book budget. Not a hefty one, of course. But a means of regularly buying books and feeling perfectly fine about it. :) Pretty much the only reward I've ever conceived of in my life that is motivating to me. :)

Brilliant! :)

WIsh me luck!

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