Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love List

I love to make lists, it's true. There have been the thankfulness lists, the joyfulness lists. Now I feel like writing a love list.

I was just sitting listening to a song by Ginny Owens, an inspirational singer who always moves me, and thinking how incredibly lucky I am to have been blessed with all the love in my life and also so early in my life undergone growth that helped to so fimly center me in my heart and open me to grace. I feel like I've questioned the very idea of reality and my heart answered and brought me back to God. And since the answer came straight from within it feels so right. I think that I've been blessed with so much possibly because I'm meant to be a strong force of love in the world.

But I have to say, I can sometimes laze the time away. Today I felt kind of crappy and enjoyed episode of episode of Poirot. Totally fine. But before I go to work, instead of maximizing my last few minutes of laziness, I feel prompted to focus on being loving, and what I can do the rest of the day to give love. And make a list out of it. Just a short one, with a few small things I want to do instead of being lazy.

~Take the dogs for a short walk, because I'm usually selfish and do my own thing and thus they're inside way too often.
~A cute text for Zach.
~Not speak or agree with ill of anyone at work tonight.

I know these will not shake the foundations of our world, but they are important for me, and while small, will make today more worthwhile.

Have a lovely day, if you may be reading this, and may you be centered within your heart, always! :)

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